About Us

The Black-owned Talc Free Powder Power is the brainchild of my daughter, Kalimah Muhammad. At the tender age of nine she was encouraged by her co-founder (me) to start her own business. I told her that at the age of 9 I had my own business so she should have her own as well (she just couldn’t do what I did!) Smile. So she came up with a few ideas and we finally agreed up on a body powder business because as she says, she likes to play with it..

So we started our journey of deciding what ingredients to use. We started with a combination of organic cornstarch and arrowroot with essential oils but later learned that cornstarch feeds yeast so we canceled that combo. Then we settled with a blend of tapioca, arrowroot, baking soda and bentonite clay with essential oils.

We started with the fragrances of lavender (for its calming effect), Jasmine (for its beautiful aroma) and vanilla (for its sweetness) to develop our foundational line and from that branched out to the many combination of scents we now have to offer our loving customers!

Using this combination led us to experience and continue to learn the multiple uses that our powders have to offer. Our customers have used our powders as body deodorant, carpet cleaners, barber care, eyebrow treatments, cuts, splinters, rashes, burns, shampoo, bedsheets, pillows and the list goes on!

Kalimah used her powders to win 3rd place in the NAACP’s annual ACT-SO Competition in 2019 where experimented with people who had eczema and had them to apply powder on their breakout spots. In a week’s results one could see the difference in its clearing those spots. In addition to experimenting with them, our products have also been blessed to grace the shelves of Your Supermarket in Atlanta, Georgia.

Little did we know that in the midst of putting this idea together that a major company would have multiple lawsuits against them because of the cancer causing talc they had in many of their body powder products. Having food based ingredients and therapeutic essential oils in our products makes us very confident that our powders will not only smell good but also provide a positive benefit to all of our customers’ overall health and well being.

--Shareefah Muhammad